The participants in the Macro Floral Workshops are finding it to be an enjoyable and achievable art making experience. At each workshop a few of the participants have literally not painted since they left school, sometimes decades ago, and yet they find that with tutoring and effort they can achieve a good result.

They are pleasantly surprised and proud of their achievement.

I really enjoy presenting this workshop because I know a good outcome is achievable in six hours. Of course, depending on the pace at which a person works and the size of the canvas, some may have to finish off their painting at home.

Its a pleasant way to catch up with friends and family by spending the day painting together. The workshops have been attended by family groups.  There have been mothers and daughters, parents and daughter,  friends spending the weekend together, sisters meeting up for the weekend and a woman with her niece. I didn’t realize this meeting up would happen and I really like it.

This is the lovely group of women who participated in the Macro Floral Workshop in Jamberoo on 25 February. Most are members of the Kiama Art Society but some hadn’t painted for decades.


These women came from Cowra, Campbelltown, Canberra and the Southern Highlands to attend this workshop in Bowral on 21 January.

Beginners and experienced painters enjoyed this workshop in the summer.








Upcoming workshops. 

19 March 2017 through ASOC at the M16 Art Space in Canberra.    Contact Phone: (02) 6282 5085

9 April 2017 in Studio 1 at the BDAS in Bowral.  Contact

23 April 2017 in Studio 1 at the BDAS in Bowral. Contact:

























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