In December 2015 I’ve had lots of fun working with groups of people creating collaborative art works that reflect their event.

The largest group so far has been 72 people and the smallest group was 10 people.

Here are some examples.



collaborative art, artationcollaborative art work.









Ten residents of Harbison Care, Burradoo worked on this collaborative piece for Christmas.








This was a gift for the Taylor family. Eight people worked on this activity on Christmas day. art work.












At Chris’ party 30 people worked on this image as a surprise for Chris, the host of the event.









Seventy two people worked collaboratively on this image to celebrate the end of year at the BDAS in Bowral.


Call me on 0418 235 990 if you’d like an image to work on at your next event.

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Its all about collaborative art work for building relationships and teams!!!

Keep being creative and enjoying your self.   I’ll update again soon with some new images.






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