I have been pleasantly surprised that family groups meeting  up in Bowral to spend the weekend together,  join one of my workshops and spend the day painting together.

 Now that’s fairly novel.  Its usually mothers and daughters but we’ve had god mothers and god daughters, an aunt and her neice, sisters in law,  parents and their daughter and as well friends spending quality time together.

I didn’t really anticipate this and its been a delight!

I have a Macro Floral Painting Workshop scheduled for Sunday 23 April. 

You are welcome to join us for a creative day in the studio to make a beautiful, large-scale floral painting.

What a great way to spent a cold Autumn day.

I have many years of art making and teaching experience and will guide you through the steps to create your own art work. Even if you haven’t painted before you can do this! It is suitable for senior secondary school students as well.

Twenty per cent of participants haven’t painted since they left school.  They claim to not have a creative bone in their body. Just look at what they achieve. It is very rewarding for both them and myself!




floral painting













When:                                    10.00am ‐ 4.00pm, Sunday 23 April  2017

Tutor                                      Tracey Miller

Cost:                                       $100.00                                 

Where:                                   Studio 1, Bowral and District Art society, 1 Short St., Bowral

To enrol contact:                    E         traceymillermail@gmail.com          M         0481 480 829


Which materials to bring:

A stretched canvas at least 50 x 60 cms and 4cms deep (or larger if you like!)

Acrylic paints, brushes, water containers, a flat paint palette, cloths.   Please wear old clothes and an apron.  

Lunch and drink. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Bring an image of a flower that you would like to paint.  Print them onto copy paper. Print one 1/3 and another ½ an A4 page size. 

When choosing an image please consider the following points.
Use a good quality photograph, probably from the internet. Please don’t use an image of someone’s painting. 
Consider selecting an image with:
an asymmetrical view, not symmetrical unless the flower looks better viewd symetrically.
a variety of tones– from dark to light
a variety of shapes – nothing too regular.
You may or may not complete the painting during the six hour workshop.  Many do.
It will depend on your style of painting, the amount of experience you have, the size of the canvas, brush sizes you use,  how focused you are and how quickly you paint.
Some participants need to complete their work later at home.
I’m looking forward to presenting these workshop along with the Mixed Media Portrait Workshop at the
Following are some images from the last couple of Macro Floral Workshops.
painting for beginners
 whats on
whats on
If you’d like to spend a great day with us contact Tracey.

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