My class at the BDAS in Bowral on a Tuesday evening is designed for working people who can’t attend art class during the day.  Participants choose their own medium of acrylic paint, pastel or other drawing materials.

Beginners in any of these mediums are very welcome as are more experienced artists.

This is the first in a series of posts about Tuesday evenings art making.

Participants are work in three different mediums so when we give a critique during the coffee break everyone learns about other materials and techniques to what they are using themselves.  Everyone participates in critiquing which is helpful for all.

I hope you enjoy seeing samples of what we do in  class.

Kind regards


Our Tuesday evening art class in Autumn 2016.



Learn to draw and paint
Everyone is happy to discuss the progress of art works.
Critiquing a work.








Rachel makes a still life drawing in charcoal.
She concentrated on form and tone.











As a beginner Hannah works with perspective.
And with tone.










Toni explores different methods in her graphite drawing.
Amber works with her images upside down as this technique makes you “see” better.











As a new artist Sarah paints her first still life.








Therese painting a stylised image using a limited palette.









Beginner acrylic painter Shena makes a still life study.
She experiments using a sea sponge on this canvas.












Beginner painter Chris enjoys painting images from his holidays.
Chris’ colourful painting of a dog











Crystal enjoys working on a large scale using acrylic paint on canvas. She uses make up sponges instead of paint brushes to apply her paint.










Rita works in pastels and uses a grid to help her draw a portrait of her daughter.











The first stage of progress.
The finished portrait.











The first layer of Rita’s pastel drawing of a nude.
Half finished. The blue back ground projects the image forward.











Tim makes detailed images in pastel.







The frog pastel painting in progress.










art class in Bowral
Tim used pastel on paper to create this image of light filtering through the trees.
This image from Italy takes shape as Tim uses pastel on paper.










Tim works on an image from his trip to Turkey.









Annette has a lot of experience using pastel and makes images from photographs she takes of her own environment.
Annette’s pastel painting of a bee in her garden.













Rita painted this image from the outback using pastels.
The finished pastel painting of the outback.


























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