1. All prices quoted on the website are in $AU (Australian Dollars).
2. The Artist sells all work on a GST exempt basis.
3. The Purchaser agrees to pay the Artist the nominated purchase price for the artwork, in Australian dollars by way of money order, bank cheque, cash (by arrangement) or bank transfer direct to nominated account (as arranged with the Artist at time of sale).
4. The Artist does not accept eftpos or credit card transactions.
5. A sale contract is formed when the Purchaser’s offer has been formally accepted by the Artist and agreement has been made as to sale terms. This will be conducted via email or phone enquiry.
6. Possession and title of the artwork passes only upon payment in the terms of 3 above.
7. The artwork is sold:
1. as an original artwork of the Artist;
2. as described on this website;
3. in new condition, direct from the Artist’s studio door.
8. The Artist reserves the right to terminate the sale if the Purchase Price is not received and cleared within 14 days of acceptance of the Purchaser’s offer to buy. The Artist will give notice to the Purchaser at the Purchaser’s email or mailing/delivery address, without prejudice to the Artist’s claim for default.
9. All copyright and moral rights in the artwork remain with the Artist.
10. The cost of freight, packaging and insurance (if applicable) is additional to the cost of the artwork.
11. Arrangements for delivery of your purchase from the Artist to your address need to be made directly with your choice of Freight Company.
The Artist recommends:-

Alternatively, artwork can be picked up from the artist’s studio in Bowral, NSW (by appointment only).